Why Does My Dog…?

John Fisher
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Why Does My Dog…?, a practical and authoritative book, from a leading dog expert, gives you all the answers and explains how to change problem behaviour without resorting to punishment.

Using your pet’s psychology, the instincts it has inherited from his wolf ancestors, John Fisher provides a fascinating insight into the roots of a dog’s behaviour. It is written with both dog and owner in mind.

John Fisher worked professionally with dogs for over twenty years, as a police dog handler and trainer. He was a founder member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and was a regular writer for ‘What Dog?’ and ‘Pet Dogs’.

“All dog-owners should have a copy of Why Does My Dog…? on their bookshelf to refer to when faced with a doggy problem… Presented in an easy-to-find-and-follow A – Z format. All sorts of common problems are covered in detail.”
‘Your Dog’

“This authoritative book, written by a leading dog behaviour expert with extensive experience, gives you the answers and explains how to change your dog’s behaviour without resorting to punishment… Written with the needs of both dog and owner in mind, this helpful and enlightening book will ensure that your dog becomes a happy member of the household.”

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