Why Does My Cat…?

Sarah Heath
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What motivates your cat and how can you change its problem behaviour?
This practical and helpful book, written by a practicing veterinary surgeon who specialises in behaviour therapy, provides the answers and explains how understanding feline psychology can help deal with any perfectly natural behaviour that can cause problems.
This A-Z of cat behaviour can be an eye-opener in understanding how a cat’s natural instincts motivate her to respond in a certain way to situations in the home. By redirecting instincts, you will make it possible for your cat to be herself without disrupting the household. With many valuable insights and advice on specific problems, Why Does Your Cat…? will ensure that your free-spirited cat will remain a source of joy and happiness in your family.Sarah Heath lectures at Liverpool University Veterinary School and is a past President of the European Society for Veterinary Clinical Ethology.

“An essential guide for any cat owner.”
‘The Oldie’

“The definitive guide to handling your cat’s problematic and puzzling behaviour. This book offers solutions to any irritating habits.”
‘Good Book Guide’

“With many fascinating insights, and a valuable alphabetical section of advice on specific problems, Why Does My Cat…? ensures that your free-spirited, much loved cat will remain a source of joy and happiness.”
‘Pet Life’

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