Visions of the Prophet

Kahlil Gibran
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The many thousands who know and love Gibran’s great poem The Prophet will delight in this new selection of his inspirational writings, drawn from prose, poetry, letters, essays and dramatic poems composed over the course of his life and previously available only to readers of Arabic.

Each text in its own way invites reflection and meditation. The theme running through the pieces is love – a love that is coloured with both tears and smiles. Gibran’s passion for the first woman he loved, his youthful visions, his compassion for humanity and his feeling for art and beauty – all these blend in an inspiring collection that is pervaded above all by the poet’s strong sense of mysticism.

Gibran’s very soul is encapsulated in a book that transcends all barriers of race or creed and reaches out to touch the inner being of its readers. It will enthral all those for whom The Prophet is a treasured work to turn to in moments of joy, sorrow or contemplation, and is a perfect sequel to The Eye of the Prophet, a previous collection of Gibran’s writings available from Souvenir Press.

Khalil Gibran is best known for his poem, The Prophet. Although he lived primarily in America he wrote in Arabic and his poetic voice remained that of the East. Gibran’s books have been translated into over twenty languages and are loved by people all over the world.

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