Vet in Green Pastures

Hugh Lasgarn
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Vet in Green Pastures is a captivating book, conveying the joy and laughter (and sometimes the grief) that are part of a life devoted to the well-being of animals.

Hugh Lasgarn’s work is as witty, life-affirming and captivating as that of James Herriott’s and this is an ideal companion to Herriott’s writing (or for fans of All Creatures Great and Small).

With an entertaining cast of eccentrics from the eyelash-fluttering Mimi Lafont with her French poodle and her French accent that disguised a Birmingham twang to Miss Millicent, whose moral rectitude would not allow her to accept that her cat George could be responsible for the pregnancy of his little sister, Sybil.

As a fresh young graduate from Glasgow Veterinary College, Hugh Lasgarn could not have made a worse impression when he fell over a doorway on arriving at his first practice in the Welsh Borders. He came as a locum for thirty days and he stayed for decades.

In Vet in Green Pastures Hugh Lasgarn looks back at his memories of those early months, when he was faced with patients from a giant champion Hereford bull with corns to a budgie with a swollen crop, in a heartwarming book that blends humour and tragedy in generous measure.

Hugh had wanted to be a vet from childhood, when his much loved cat, Boggy, died and he quickly fell in love with the changeable, rich countryside of the Welsh Borders and with the eccentric, quirky characters who provided as much entertainment as their animal charges.

Hugh Lasgarn grew up in a small Welsh village and trained at Glasgow Veterinary College. Since graduating he has lived and worked in the Welsh Borders.

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