Once Upon a Flock

Lauren Scheuer
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“This remarkable interspecies family will make you laugh, will touch your heart, and — yes, believe it — just might make you cry. Once Upon a Flock is a celebration of all that is sweet and simple and pure in life.”
John Grogan, author of ‘Marley & Me’

“Lauren’s heartwarming and amusing account of her adventures with chickens… Lauren recounts her experience with great warmth and style.”
‘Practical Poultry’ magazine

When writer and illustrator Lauren Scheuer was looking for a new project she decided that chickens were just what she needed to bring her back yard to life. She built a coop, read books on hen rearing, and placed her order for four chickens of different breeds, chosen to provide colour and decoration to her lawn. She expected a daily supply of fresh eggs. What she didn’t expect was that her fluffy round chicks would grow-up to be hens with big personalities, and that she would fall completely in love with her quirky flock.

We meet all the characters in the flock: Jenny, a chick who is as easy to love as she is to laugh at, Hatsy, an elegant and adventurous leader, and Lil’ White, a chicken with the respectable comportment of a Southern belle.

Documenting the daily adventures of her chicken family, and their subtle interactions with each other, with her own witty photos and illustrations in full colour throughout. Lauren Scheuer comes to realise that love, loss and passion are not only parts of the human experience, but essential parts of chicken life as well.

This is a must-have for all animal lovers.

Lauren Scheuer lives in rural Massachusetts with her family and flock, and writes the popular blog Scratch and Peck. She is an acclaimed illustrator whose work has appeared in books and on puzzles, greetings cards and games.

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