Tired But Wired

Nerina Ramlakhan
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Following the methods of Nerina Ramlakhan’s Sleep Toolkit, developed from her huge experience in the field, will help to overcome sleep problems and give the energy for the fulfilling life that you want. The Sleep Toolkit is a proven success, which has already worked for thousands of people (from executives who feel burnt-out, to mothers struggling with the demands of a job and children) with hectic lives.

Overturning the myth that you need 8 hours of sleep every night, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan says that what you really need is fewer hours of quality restorative sleep. In Tired But Wired, she leads the reader through practical and accessible steps, towards changing their lifestyle and finding better quality sleep, more vitality and an inner equilibrium that is physically and emotionally revitalising.

Tired But Wired describes the science behind sleep and how to find your natural sleep rhythms. It provides the Sleep Toolkit Programme that anyone can use, adjusting it for your own lifestyle, needs and personality to provide all the essential habits and routines you need for brilliant sleep.

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan is a sleep and energy coach. She works with corporate clients as well as being a sleep therapist at Capio Nightingale Hospital. Visit Nerina Ramlakhan’s website for more information. You can also follow her on Twitter @DrNerina for advice and tips on how to get the best night’s sleep.

“Insomnia is rife because we all go to bed ‘tired but wired’. Does the solution lie in our ancestors’ lifestyle?”
‘Daily Mail’

“How modern life, stress and anxiety stop us from having a perfect night’s rest… However, often it is the small changes that produce the big shifts… on the right path to brilliant sleep. An authority on sleep and stress.”
‘Mail on Sunday’

“Perfect slumber eludes many but a few lifestyle changes can make for a restful night.”
‘Daily Express’

“Worried that you don’t get the fabled eight hours? That’s your first mistake, says Dr Nerina Ramlakhan , who thinks it’s quality, rather than quantity, that counts. She shares her tips for a better night’s rest.”
‘The Independent’

“The ‘tired but wired’ experience is an increasing problem.”
‘Irish Independent’

“What stops people getting a good night’s sleep, and what practical steps can be taken to improve things.”
‘Woman’s Hour’ (BBC Radio 4)

“A challenging job, hectic city lifestyle and addiction to technology can leave you suffering big sleep problems… Dr Nerina Ramlakhan… explain(s) how to get a good night’s kip.”

“Sleep brilliantly… every night… A good night’s sleep is something many of us can only dream of. Sleep therapist Dr Nerina Ramlakhan has the answers.”
‘Woman’s Weekly’

“Do you find you have more energy in the morning or evening? There are ways to work with your energy levels to boost your stamina.”
‘Natural Health & Beauty’

“A brief but practical set of strategies to enhance sleep behaviours.”
‘Occupational Medicine’

“I loved it because it recognises the huge pressures faced by modern working women, who might also have a family… Best for everyone from your hardened insomniac to someone just experiencing a bit of a sleep blip caused by a stressful episode at work.”

“How did you sleep last night?… With a few simple strategies, you can finally feel refreshed.”

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