Things for Children to Make and Do

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Things for Children to Make and Do: Science and Technology Activities

All children love experimenting and finding out how things work, but too often children who have a physical disability of special educational needs may have been deprived of the opportunity to explore and question.

This exciting and imaginative book offers a wealth of ideas that enable children of all ages and abilities to enjoy experimenting and solving problems while at the same time absorbing the basic principles of science and technology. The experiments do not require expensive laboratory equipment, but make use of ordinary everyday objects and utensils that will be found in any home. All the projects have been tested for safety and workability, and all are within the capabilities of children who can feed themselves and understand simple instructions – those who cannot will be able to cope in groups or with the help of a parent or teacher.

Things for Children to Make and Do ranges from introductory activities for pupils who are just starting science or whose abilities are more suited to doing simple experiments under direction, to problem solving that captures the imagination and encourages creativity and design skills. While it does not claim to provide a complete syllabus, it does set out to show how the use of simple apparatus can open the eyes of any child to the world round about, teach the meaning of cause and effect and encourage an investigative approach. Simple language and clear diagrams make this a book that any parent or teacher will be able to use with a child: as a source of ideas, as a way of finding out about the world of technology and, above all, to provide hours of fun.

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