The Wrath of Grapes

Andy Toper
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The complete guide to getting through the morning after the night before…

The most complete and informative book on hangovers you are likely to find, The Wrath of Grapes helps you view the world with less jaundiced eyes when you wake up vowing ‘Never, never again!’

In its pages you will discover all you need to know to get the better of a retribution that has dogged mankind since Noah planted the first vineyard. Find out:

– why we get hangovers
– what they are – and what they are not
– how to avoid them with precautionary measures
– what you can do to cure them – food, exercise, proprietary remedies
– drinks to zap you back into your usual sparkling form – from the non-alcoholic to cocktails that are virtual dynamite
– what the wits of the world have said about their hangovers

The product of personal research, The Wrath of Grapes draws on the accumulated wisdom of centuries – from the days of Ancient Rome when cabbage and a necklace of parsley was recommended, right up to the time-honoured cures of this morning’s sufferers. Andy Toper, a founding member of the Hangover Research Club, has produced a cocktail of light-hearted advice which, if nothing else, will make you laugh, even with a sore head!

“A useful volume.”
Andrew Lloyd Webber, ‘Daily Telegraph’

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