The Wizard’s Den

Edited by Peter Haining
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Spellbinding Stories of Magic & Magicians

Philip Pullman
Jacqueline Wilson
Russell Hoban
Alan Garner
Roald Dahl
Diana Wynne Jones
Joan Aiken
Humphrey Carpenter
Manly Wade Wellman
Gillian Cross
William Harvey
John Wyndham
Ray Bradbury
William F. Nolan
E. Nesbit.

“Spellbinding anthology of magic and wizardry.”
‘Irish Times’

“Selects some of the finest… magical adventures by contemporary and classic authors.”
‘What’s on in London’

So, what is a wizard? A wizard is a man with magic powers, a magician or sorcerer, a man who can see into the future and hypnotise ordinary folk. A man who can change his appearance, who can transfigure all kind of inanimate objects and even become invisible.

In this spellbinding collection of stories you can uncover the power of the dark forces; learn the secret rituals of the magic makers and discover the problems of looking after a dragon. Wizards are rarely bad: some succumb to the influences and temptations of magic and misuse it, but for most their powers are used to battle evil people and deadly creatures or in struggles with the forces of darkness.

Magic makers have been casting their charms around in stories for many years, long before Harry Potter. This collection of wizard stories by the top authors of the twentieth century are amongst the best ever written and are set to cast their spells on yet another generation of would-be magic makers.

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