The Turin Shroud is Genuine

Rodney Hoare
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Written with scientific objectivity by an author who spent more than twenty years researching the facts surrounding the Shroud of Turin, this controversial book presents evidence and research that point to only one conclusion.

The Shroud of Turin must indeed be the cloth that was wrapped around the body of the crucified Christ.

Drawing on his own experiments, and on the research of other scientists, historians and theologians, the author explains:

– Why the carbon-dating evidence of 1988 cannot be accepted as reliable
– Why the Shroud cannot be later than the first century AD
– How we know it originated in the Middle East
– How the stains on the cloth were created and why they cannot have been painted
– How we know that the body is that of a crucified man
– How the Shroud travelled from Palestine to Italy
– What happened during the three days from Good Friday to Easter Sunday
– Why we must believe that the Shroud is that of Jesus
– How it was that Jesus died and rose again

Rodney Hoare, a physicist and teacher, and also a Protestant, throws startling light on the life and death of Jesus.

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