The Specialist

Charles Sale
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There was a time when few households would have been without a copy of The Specialist, a humour classic that is one of the funniest books ever written.

The personal credo of Lem Putt, a specialist in ‘the simpler forms of sanitary engineering’, presents the philosophy of a man who loves his trade and has considered every aspect of it, from how to prevent people dawdling when they commune with nature to solving the problem of female modesty in an ingenious way. As Lem observes: “There’s a lot of fine points to puttin’ up a first-class privy that the average man don’t think about”.

Including the original illustrations by William Kermode this is a book that will keep its readers laughing well into the twenty-first century.

Charles Sale lived in Carmel County, California, and based the character of Lem Putt on a real person who “was just as sincere in his work as a great painter whose heart is in his canvas”.

“A gentle education in the nature of real humour.”
‘Daily Express’

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