The Practice

Barb Schmidt
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The Practice provides simple tools for managing stress, finding inner peace and uncovering happiness.

The mind has an annoying way of interfering with our personal happiness, often causing stress and doubt, and preventing us achieving our life’s goals. But, it doesn’t need to be like that. With the help of The Practice, Barb Schmidt’s three-point plan to personal happiness, you can train your brain to dismiss ill-founded worries and cultivate a happy, purposeful life.

All it takes is just a few minutes of your day!

Specifically designed for those who live busy lives, The Practice guides you through a set of practical tools that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. The three-steps are:

1. Waking Up: Meditation – to set a peaceful tone for the day
2. Living Present: Sacred Mantra, Focussed Attention, Reading for Inspiration – designed to focus your mind on the moment and provide comfort and support
3. Letting Go: Reflection – a wind-down period to put the events of the day to rest

“A really useful mindfulness plan with simple steps to find peace, strength and happiness. Perfect!”
Woman & Home Magazine

“With Barb Schmidt’s daily mindful practices you too can discover the inner peace and strength that exists inside us all. A complement to any religious or spiritual practice, as well as standing on its own, The Practice is aimed at people who are looking for confidence‬, less stress and deeper meaning‬ in their lives.”
Hot Brands Cool Places

Barb Schmidt is a businesswoman and philanthropist who has spent over thirty years developing her spirituality. She has studied with Thich Nhat Hanh and Deepak Chopra, and founded Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life in 2011 to teach The Practice.

Join the online community at Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life here.

Visit Barb’s personal website here.

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