The Philadelphia Experiment

Charles Berlitz and William Moore
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Project Invisibility: The truth about the top-secret World War II experiment that shattered the barriers of possibility

The most astounding experiment of World War Two: did it really happen?

Is it true that a top secret US Navy experiment, carried out in 1943, made a destroyer disappear from its berth in Philadelphia and reappear only minutes later in Norfolk, Virginia? If it actually happened, why was the project abandoned and erased from official records?

Charles Berlitz, world-famous author of the best-selling The Bermuda Triangle, believes that the experiment did take place, using Einstein’s unproved Unified Field Theory, but with disastrous side effects that made any attempt at repetition out of the question. Working with indefatigable researcher William Moore, he tracked down lost records and hidden witnesses to uncover a story that could not be dismissed as moonshine. The result is a gripping account of the boundless possibilities of science, revealing a world that few of us would dare to contemplate.

“If what we read in this enthralling book is true, and I am afraid it is, the whole future of mankind could be at stake.”

“Berlitz has tackled one of the most intriguing stories to surface in the literature of the unexplained… The book is an excellent piece of detective work – whatever one thinks of the verdict.”
‘Huddersfield Daily Examiner’

“Piece by piece this incredible tale has been put together by Berlitz and Moore, and they claim that the evidence points to one overwhelming fact – that Man has stood on the threshold of mysteries beyond all our comprehension.”
‘Nottingham Evening Post’

“A comprehensive acocunt of a ufological mystery… one of ufology’s perennial enigmas.”
‘FSR Bookshelf’

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