The Mystery of Atlantis

Charles Berlitz
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Atlantis discovered? Has the mystery of the fabled Lost Continent been solved?

Is the story of the lost empire of Atlantis pure myth, or were the ancient legends based on some dimly remembered event? If it existed, where was it?

In this outstanding book Charles Berlitz traces the history of the fabled land, said to have sunk beneath the waves and engulfed an advanced civilisation with all its inhabitants and treasures. From his research he produces electrifying new evidence to show that the ‘mythical’ Atlantis was indisputably real, and that traces of its existence have been found in the exact locations recorded by writers of ancient times.

His account of underwater ruins of buildings, roads, pyramids and monoliths will challenge all previous beliefs about the ‘eighth continent’. Disquieting and intriguing at the same time, this reissue of a classic book on one of the most elusive enigmas in history remains as enthralling as ever.

“More mind-boggling than the most daring speculations of science-fiction, this sober, straightforward book makes fascinating reading.”
‘Cambridge Evening News’

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