The Fear of Maths

Steve Chinn
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Maths is an essential skill, but many people fear that they will never pick up the maths that they failed to understand in school. Don’t worry – most people know more maths than they realise.

There are many reasons why the inability to ’do’ maths affects so many children, following them into adulthood, and it has little to do with intelligence. The major reason is anxiety, and the best way to overcome that anxiety is to build on existing knowledge. Everyone has some maths skills and knowledge that can be extended to many more skills and knowledge.

The Fear of Maths: How to Overcome It is for parents and teachers looking for a way to encourage and help their children. It is based on teaching maths as a set of principles (rather than a series of facts to be memorised) and how they can be used in various situations, to make numbers seem less threatening and, perhaps for the first time, to begin to make sense.

Numbers are integral to everyday life, from checking the cost of shopping and understanding a train timetable to calculating the best value mobile phone deal. Providing a solid foundation in The Fear of Maths: How to Overcome It, Steve Chinn brings maths into everyday life and inspires the confidence that makes learning maths easier.

Dr Steve Chinn founded the Mark College, Highbridge, a specialist school for dyslexics and has decades of experience in teaching people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. He now runs training courses for teachers, parents and support assistants around the world.

Steve Chinn’s The Trouble with Maths was awarded the NASEN/TES Award. His official website can be found HERE

“Inspirational … for anyone experiencing difficulty with mathematics and for those working with and supporting them…”

“A book packed with information… If you are serious about improving your maths skills… this is the book for you.”
Parents in Touch

“A friendly guide to picking up your skills.”

“Aims to reconnect readers to the half-understood maths ideas which they encountered in school… Steve Chinn regards maths as being based on a few concepts and ideas which all interlink… Useful to parents, teachers and support assistants helping pupils who struggle with maths concepts.”
Special Information Needs Press

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