The Digital Diet

Daniel Sieberg
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Does your heart flutter when you see the flashing red light on your BlackBerry?

Do you feel guilty if you haven’t recently updated your blog?

Is the first thing you do when you get home from a holiday to upload your photos to Facebook?

Technology is increasingly taking over our lives and with so much available to us, it’s easy to surrender control to it. Our digital lifestyles are more of a weight on our shoulders than we know – many of us can no longer focus on a single task or face-to-face conversation without wanting to reach out–or retreat–to the virtual world every few minutes, or even every few seconds.

It’s time for a digital detox.

Daniel Sieberg’s 4-step, 28-day plan will get you started straight away. It isn’t about cutting out technology all together, but about taking a step back and reincorporating it in a healthier way.

Step 1//Re: Think:

Consider how technology has overwhelmed our society and the effect it’s had on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Step 2//Re: Boot:

Take stock of your digital intake using Sieberg’s Virtual Weight Index and step back from the device.

Step 3//Re: Connect:

Focus on restoring the relationships that have been harmed by the technology in your life.

Step 4//Re: Vitalize:

Learn how to live with technology—the healthy way, by optimizing your time spent e-mailing, texting, on Facebook, and web surfing.

The Digital Diet will help you to take control back of our life, find time for real friends and most importantly, make technology work for you… not the other way around.

Daniel Sieberg is the former technology correspondent for CBS and CNN. He regularly anchors at the online network ABC News Now, and has been nominated for multiple business and financial news Emmy Awards. Visit the Digital Diet website, or check out Daniel Sieberg’s own website.

“Managing your technology in a healthy way… It’s a great book and it’s got some fantastic things in it, and I think we should all maybe go on a digital diet.”
Lorraine Kelly, ‘Lorraine’ (ITV1)

“Setting up this year’s trend for switching off.”
The Sunday Times

“Do you constantly check your phone for messages and feel separation anxiety if you’re away from it for any length of time? If so, you could need to redress the balance. Helps you manage the time spent on gadgets. Written in a fun and accessible four-step plan.”
The Sun

“An engaging and thoughtful book about how to ensure that the gizmos in our lives improve our lives rather than take them over.”
The Bookseller

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