The Complete Book of Vampires

Leonard R.N. Ashley
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Possibly the most comprehensive book ever published on one of the world’s oldest, and most terrifying, legends.

“Mr Ashley has compiled the most comprehensive book on the subject I have ever seen. It is packed with pictures to send shivers down your spine, just as the text will too. Happy bedtime reading!”
Jan Morris, ‘Oxford Mail’

The vampire is one of the most potent and enduring symbols of the supernatural, as deathless as Bram Stoker’s perennially popular creation Count Dracula. As this entertaining and encyclopaedic work reveals, vampires were around for centuries before Count Dracula appeared. Legends about vampires are found in folklore throughout the world, dating back to ancient times and over the years they have never lost their power to inspire fear.

Combining erudition with readability Leonard Ashley presents vampire lore from around the world, gathering together many unexpected facts about the dead and ‘undead’, about hangings and summonings, and reports of manifestations that cannot be lightly dismissed.

Whether you are incredulous, sceptical or simply curious you will find this darkly enjoyable survey irresistible. Its listings of films and books make it a valuable resource for fans while its wealth of rare illustrations are fascinating.

Leonard R.N. Ashley was for many years professor of English at Brooklyn College. He is also known for his series of populist dictionaries of the occult, including The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft.

“This book is all you ever wanted to know (or perhaps didn’t) about vampires… Written with great skill [and] much humour.”
‘Bradford Telegraph & Argus’

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