The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge

Vernor Vinge
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This is a complete introduction to the work of the most celebrated science fiction writer of our time.

“Vinge is one of the greatest visionary writers of science fiction today”
David Brin

For the first time, here is a collected edition of Vernor Vinge’s seminal short stories, spanning four decades of innovation, imagination and achievement.

From the man who invented the concept of cyberspace, each story imagines Vinge’s visionary ideas and brings to vivid life his challenging ideas about human life and how we are being changed by technology. The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge contains the first publication of his Hugo Award winning novella of the near-future, Fast Times at Fairmont High, where mankind appears to be reaching obsolescence.

Each story is preceded by a witty and insightful introduction by Vinge, remembering the genesis of stories (from his first story as a school-boy) and their personal significance for him, as well as his memories of writing in the golden age of sci-fi.

Vernor Vinge has won five Hugo Awards, and is the international bestselling author of A Fire Upon the Deep and Rainbow’s End.

“A far more accessible way to enjoy one of our time’s most promising science-fiction authors… Utterly compelling at all times… This is a fine collection of stories from an author whose work continues to amaze and captivate the imagination of his readers more and more… If you’re looking for some serious science fiction that has some intelligence, thought and power behind it, then The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge is not a bad place to start.”
‘Sci Fi Now’

“A major SF author…you can see Vinge maturing from clever competence and slick storytelling to something rather special… Entertaining throughout, with repeated shakes of the kaleidoscope to show cherished ideas in a different and dazzling light”

“A near complete collection of Vinge’s short fiction… The rather charming teenage opener, Bookworm, Run!, which is typical of the early stories… Vinge is already sort of predicting the internet.”

“The shadow of the future hangs over us, and Vinge is here to intrigue, warn and worry us about it.”
‘The Observer’

“He is perhaps one of the most lauded of all hard SF writers: These stories mark his quality well… His ideas always fascinate. This collection will not disappoint.”
‘Death Ray’

“His influence on contemporary and later writers of imaginative fiction cannot be overstated.”
‘Sunday Business Post’

“A carefully chosen selection of stories giving an overview of his career.”
‘SF Crowsnest’

“Anticipates our future like nobody else, and even better, makes you believe it.”
Gregory Benford

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