The Back Book

Maggie Lettvin
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Tried everything to cure your chronic back pain? Found little or no relief?

This is the book that really “works”.

Back problems account for more that 50% of all the working days lost each year – bad posture, bad lifting and bending habits and lack of exercise can all give rise to spinal troubles and, once established, they seem impervious to treatment. Is the only solution to operate?

Certainly not, declares the author of this refreshingly practical book. Working from her extensive experience, Maggie Lettvin looks at all aspects of everyday life and explains how to reorganise yourself to be kinder to your back. With a wealth of clear drawings and diagrams, she shows you how to stand, sit, lie down, pick up and carry heavy weights, brush your teeth and cope with a variety of natural hazards, from constipation and obesity to menstruation and pregnancy. There are also special exercises for particular kinds of pain and advice on how to rebuild flexibility in your back.

And once you’ve cured your back? Follow the author’s simple exercise programme designed to keep you supple, straight, slim and free of back pain forever.

Maggie Lettvin became seriously interested in back problems when she suffered whiplash in a car accident. Refusing to undergo surgery as the only solution proposed, she devised a programme of exercises and postures that completely cured her back pain. She afterwards taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has worked extensively with pregnant women, the elderly, the disabled and the overweight – all with specific back problems of their own.

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