Telling Tales in Greek by Lorna Robinson

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‘I loved Greek myths and stories from a very young age, thanks largely to the Usborne Greek Myths and Legends, which my parents bought for me and my brother. I remember that it contained the most striking images and tales of strange creatures and vengeful gods. There was something unearthly and powerful about them, something that drew me in, and made me want to stay in that world to explore further.  A ghostly Cerberus, a huge minotaur with twisting horns, the faces of gods and heroes, all these looked out at me from those pages and lured me inside.’ – Lorna Robinson

Telling Tales in Greek is narrated by the chatty and wily Greek hero Odysseus, who introduces readers to some of the best-loved stories from Greek mythology.

Discover the tale of the Trojan War, and Odysseus’s long journey home: from the golden apple that sparked all the trouble, the great duel between Hector and Achilles as well as all the adventures, and weird and wonderful creatures, that Odysseus met along the way.

Along the way, readers pick up Ancient Greece’s alphabet and grammar, while exploring how Greek myths still speak to us today. Soham De’s illustrations bring the stories alive for a wide range of learners.

Telling Tales in Greek contain the vocabulary and grammar needed for the OCR Entry Level Greek qualification, making this book the ideal first introduction to Greek.

The format appeals to a wide range of learners, with creative activities that update the stories around contemporary issues from history, geography, philosophy and literature.

The Odyssey is one of the most important works of Greek literature, and is familiar to all teachers of Classics (and a core text in most Greek courses).

From the Iris Project, who have promoted the teaching of Classics in primary schools since 2006, working with a wide range of schools all over the UK.

Telling Tales in Greek is a sequel to the acclaimed textbooks from the Iris project, Telling Tales in Latin (9780285641792) and Distant Lands (9780285643420).


Lorna Robinson has a doctorate in Classics from University College London and is the director of the Iris Project, which promotes the study of Classics in state schools.

Soham De is a graphic artist who works for an architectural firm.


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