Teach Your Dog to Read

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A step-by-step guide from one of the world’s leading dog trainers.

Bonnie Bergin has taught thousands of dogs to read; a dog may never be able to finish a novel but anyone can teach their dog to read up to 90 words.

All you have to do is follow the system Bonnie Bergin has developed, and within a few weeks, Rover will be able to read. If Bonnie’s work has taught her anything, it’s that dogs have an almost unlimited capacity to learn.

Why would you teach a dog to read? Because it can be indispensable for guide dogs for the visually impaired; because it deepens the bond between owner and pet; because it creates a truly communicative relationship; because it makes dogs smarter and better companions.

The first time an owner holds up a DOWN flashcard and the dog appears to read and obey is powerful. But the real test, eliminating the luck factor, is when the card is switched to another command and the dog obeys again. Now, conclusively, the dog can read.

In Teach Your Dog to Read, the process is broken into specific steps, with easy to understand instructions for training your dog to read flashcards with one-word instructions and symbols. With over fifty instructional photographs to guide you.

Bonnie Bergin is the president of the Assistance Dog Institute, the only academic college in the world to award degrees in dog studies. She is a previous winner of an Oprah Winfrey Use Your Life Award.

“Bonnie’s methods seem straightforward and the book illustrates every step with photographs so you can see exactly what she is doing to get results.”
‘Dogs Today’

“The book made easy and compelling reading… a well-written book by an acknowledged assistance dog professional.”

“An intriguing new book… a step by step guide to teaching a dog how to associate a written card with a command.”
‘Daily Telegraph’

“The book itself is easy to read, with easy-to-follow instructions. There’s also plenty of excellent advice on training generally.”
‘Your Dog’

“Training your dog is a serious business and Bonnie Bergin’s fascinating manual details her tried and tested methods.”
‘Cotswold Life’

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