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Do you shudder at the thought of ants crawling over your skin? Do you scream at the sight of a spider? Are you disgusted by the touch of wriggling worm? If you answer yes, then, against all expectations, Spineless Wonders is the book for you.

Richard Conniff, naturalist extraodinaire, has spent twenty years exploring the lives of creatures whose complicated ways and astounding skills are almost beyond belief. His enthusiasm is boundless, and his engaging blend of natural history and human lore succeeds admirably in transmitting his enjoyment to his readers. Did you know that:

  • the flea’s sex organ is so complicated that it may take as long as ten hours to mate?
  • the biggest giant squid known is 60 feet long and has eyes like headlights?
  • the oesophagus of an octopus passes through the middle of its brain, so that is it takes too big a bit, it can literally blow its brains out?
  • dragonfly larvae use anal jet propulsion to escape from predators?
  • in the Nile delta, earthworms annually deposit 1,000 tons of casts per acre – the equivalent of 500 dumped cars?

These and thousands of more amazing facts about our invertebrate friends will have you hooked within just a few pages. Spineless Wonders also features illustrations by Sally J. Benusen.

“Extremely well written and most entertaining, conveying a great deal of intriguing natural history with much humour.”
The Countryman

“A lively defence of the untouchables of the invertebrate world… so full of humour that it is impossible not to be charmed out of whatever pet phobias lurk beneath your skin… highly enjoyable.”
Roger Deakin, BBC Wildlife

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