Rescuing the Inner Child

Penny Parks
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Many thousands of adults have grown up emotionally trapped by the burden of guilt and self-disgust that is the legacy of child abuse. They are ongoing victims, unable to form mature sexual relationships or to function as adults. Parks’ Inner Child Therapy was developed to help victims of sexual abuse to regain emotional health.

Penny Parks describes her techniques, how she gets through to the hurt child at the adult’s core. By re-enacting childhood memories, facing their experience and receiving the reassurance that they need the pain of abuse can be desensitised. By venting suppressed anger, guilt and bitterness and coming to understand what has happened the adult can gradually grow and come to terms with themselves and their sexuality.

Penny Parks was abused as a child and began her struggle for recovery in her twenties when she developed Parks Inner Child Therapy. Visit the Penny Parks Foundation website for more information on Parks Inner Child Therapy.

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