Puppy Dogs’ Tales

Cecil Aldin and Roy Heron
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“One of my favourite books of all time… This adorable book is enhanced by wonderful drawings by Cecil Aldin.”
Jilly Cooper

Few people can fail to be charmed and cheered by Cecil Aldin’s mischievous puppies which first came to life on the walls of his children’s nursery.

Scamp, the mongrel; Poppy, so-called because of her red colouring and Snowball, the white terrier, were lovable rascals always looking for adventure and a stolen snack. Then there was Bill, the bob-tailed pup, who tugged at the heartstrings as he sought friendship but was scorned because of his truncated rear end.

They were among the stars of a series of eagerly-awaited books issued each year in time for Christmas in the decade before the 1914-18 war and whose escapades delighted a generation of children. Now, in a special edition of selections by Roy Heron, they join the other reissued Aldin classics, A Dog Day, The Rascal and Sleeping Partners.

Cecil Aldin was born in 1870 and began his working life as a magazine illustrator. He soon became famous for his sporting prints, posters, children’s books and pictures of old inns but he became world famous for his portrayals of dogs. It was said of him that he “captured the very soul of a dog”. His original artworks are now highly prized by collectors and there are regular exhibitions of his work.

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