Perilous Journey

Joyce Stranger
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The dog and the woman gazed at each other through the strong wire mesh of his run. In the few weeks since he had been at the kennels, Shadow had been uncontrollable. He hated the owners, Roger and Don, for taking him away from the only place where he had known happiness; no one could get through to him.

Liese was different: she reminded him of the child to whom he had been devoted, and she, in her own misery, could sense his deep desolation and reach out to him. Thrown suddenly into a hostile world by the death of the husband she now knew to have been a fraud, she had been grateful for the chance of a job at the kennels, but her past had left her feeling hopelessly inadequate.

As a growing bond developed between Liese and Shadow, she began to feel a renewed sense of self-worth. But the legacy of her husband’s misdeeds continued to haunt her, and it seemed as if her ill-luck had spread its influence over the kennels and everyone who worked there. How else to explain the sequence of accidents and misfortunes that came to threaten not only their livelihood but their very lives?

Set in the rolling green countryside of Cheshire, Perilous Journey is vintage Joyce Stranger, a superb example of a genre she has made her own. Drawing on her long experience of the ways of animals and their relationship with humans, she has created a novel full of moving insights, which contrasts the effect on animal well-being of human compassion with that of greed and exploitation.

A celebrated writer of novels, children’s fiction and books about dog-owning and training, Joyce Stranger’s books are classics of the countryside. Her first novel, The Running Foxes, reissued by Souvenir Press in 1993, was an instant international bestseller. She died in 2007.

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