Man’s Search for Himself

Rollo May

Product Description

Signposts for Living and Personal Fulfilment

One of the classic books of our time, Man’s Search for Himself offers counselling, sympathy and real insights to those trying to come to terms with the changing values and insecurities of life today, and with their own place in the scheme of things. Is it possible for us to remain true to ourselves and what we believe, and yet play a full role in society that seems at odds with so much that we feel to be right?

Dr May, a psychotherapist of international repute, maintains that it is, and in this thoughtful and helpful book he takes us through the problems that face us, guiding us towards a new knowledge of ourselves and the society of which we are a part, and helping us to develop the inner strength to fulfil our own nature while remaining responsible and compassionate in our dealings with others.

“May has helped to heal the dissociation between the best insights of ‘intellectuals’ on the one hand and ‘popular’ taste on the other. And he remains consistently interesting and very readable.”
‘New Psychiatry’

“Both Christian and doubter will find help in learning to understand the human condition.”
‘Methodist Recorder’

“The book retains much of its original freshness and impact.”
‘The Freethinker’

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