Let’s Talk: Learning Language in Everyday Settings

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Many parents worry if their child is slow to start talking. The cause may be a hearing impairment, or the child may have an obvious physical or mental handicap, but equally, all he or she may need is a little extra help, and the parents are the best people to provide this.

Let’s Talk, by Roy McConkey and Penny Price, is especially designed for the average parent, with no professional training and not necessarily with a bent for reading. It can also be used by teachers, therapists, playgroup leaders and nurses working in residential homes. All of them will find that by following the guidelines given in the book, they can contribute enormously to a child’s ability to talk and communicate intelligibly.

Already established as a leader in its field, Let’s Talk¬†focuses on ‘everyday’ rather than ‘specialist’ help, in the belief that the methods offered by professional therapists ‘must’ be complemented by training at home where the child’s mastery of new skills then becomes a natural part of everyday routine. Starting at the earliest stages, long before children are using speech, it spells out the early milestones so that parents can recognise and respond to their child’s first attempts at communication. The clear layout of the book enables parents to go straight to the section that meets their practical needs. Each chapter is divided into three – the first part describing the topics to be covered, the second explaining how to assess a child’s readiness for any new activity and the third outlining the activities themselves.

The refreshingly informal approach is one from which ‘all’ children can benefit, and its simplicity makes it an enjoyable way of learning in any situation. First published in 1986, “Let’s Talk” has stood the test of time and remains as valuable as ever.

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