Let’s Make Toys

Roy McConkey and Dorothy M. Jeffree
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Published in the highly-acclaimed Human Horizons Series, the pre-eminent list for people with disabilities, the elderly and the afflicted, and those who care for them, written by the leading experts.

Let’s Make Toys provides parents, teachers and careworkers with simple instructions on how to make toys especially designed to stimulate the development of mentally and physically handicapped children.

In common with other developmental psychologists since Piaget, the authors believe that play is the key to every child’s ability to learn, but they have also found that one of the problems for the handicapped child is that he or she does not necessarily engage in play. These toys have therefore been evolved in work with children and their parent, specifically to stimulate such play in the handicapped child, both alone and with others.

The toys are of course designed to be fun to play with, but in addition they are far more robust than most commercially made toys. They are also intended to be used in a variety of specific ways that will encourage the child to progress through the stages of play development. Toys are included that are suitable for social play, and others will promote imaginative play, or make-believe. Such carefully graded equipment is simply not available on the open market.

To make the toys, only an elementary knowledge of carpentry and basic sewing skills are required, both within the capabilities of any average parent. Even if parents have never attempted to make anything before, they will be able to follow the clear instructions and diagrams with success, and the authors’ infectious enthusiasm will inspire all but the most reticent adults to try their hands.

The rewards, in terms of enjoyment for the family or class and in developmental stimulation for the child, will be incalculable.

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