Latin Can Be Fun

Georg Capellanus
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Who says Latin is a dead language? Learn to speak it like a native with Latin Can Be Fun, an up-to-date conversational guide.

Latin Can Be Fun, by Georg Capellanus, contains hundreds of useful expressions and phrases for everyday life. From breakfast to dinner and workdays to holidays, to chatting at the bus stops or cheering the Queen, it’s lively, entertaining and contemporary – all guaranteed to make learning Latin effortless.

This revised edition of a worldwide bestseller covers the latest technological developments, delivering Latin alive and kicking into the twenty-first century. Georg Capellanus adds a new dimension to learning Latin, making it more relevant for language teaching and fun for all students.

Originating in Germany, Latin Can Be Fun was translated, adapted and updated by Peter Needham, classics master at Eton College, with the wish that all his pupils might merit a perbene Latine loqueris.

“A splendid little book… Filled with handy quotes for all kinds of occasions.”
‘Daily Telegraph’

“For the pupil the book brings Latin alive.”
‘Cork Examiner’

“British civil servants of dimmer academic pedigree may find Mr Needham’s book even more useful than an earlier jeu d’esprit of the same kind Winnie Ille Pu.”

“An extraordinary cultural cocktail… splendid stuff.”
‘New Society’

“Fun it certainly is.”
‘The Teacher’

“A useful phrase-book for any student of Latin whose car breaks down outside the Coliseum…Fun, educational.”
‘Huddersfield Examiner’

“A book that will be welcomed at all levels by teachers because of its instructional merit and accuracy, and by pupils for the way it makes Latin alive and amusing.”
‘Nuneaton Evening Tribune’


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