Just In Case

Charlotte Mitchell
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The charm of Charlotte Mitchell is that she is not afraid to express the thoughts that many of us think but dare not utter. Without malice or spite she exposes pomposity and insincerity, deplores materialism and laughs at bureaucracy. She laughs at herself too – at her untidiness, her procrastination, her inability to make up her mind.

Ranging from the serious to the trivial, her poems strike a chord in us all. We recognise in ourselves the weaknesses, the aspirations and the regrets that Charlotte Mitchell describes so vividly, and we feel with her the sense of outrage at injustice and deceit.

The many thousands of readers who bought Charlotte Mitchell’s previous volume of poems, I Want To Go Home, will leap on this collection, drawn both from the author’s three immensely popular BBC Radio 4 programmes Looking Round Dangerously, I Want to Go Home, and Just in Case.

This book includes many longer poems such as ‘The Portfolio’, ‘The Lonely Widows’ Club’ and the poem from which the book’s title was taken, ‘Just in Case’. The book is, like its predecessor, a witty and very perceptive commentary on the foibles of humanity.

Charlotte Mitchell is a noted and versatile actress with a career in theatre, film, television and radio spanning more than forty years. Her radio appearances included ‘The Goon Show’ and, later, her own shows on BBC Radio 4, and her television appearances included ‘Casualty’.

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