Helping the Aggressive Child

Alan Train
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How to Deal with Difficult Children

With child abuse and managing children’s behaviour very much in the public eye, parents, teachers and child care workers are conscious that they need to think carefully about how they deal with children who are difficult and aggressive. If they do not understand what is happening they may react inappropriately and abuse them, but the children do present a very real physical threat that demands adequate preparation and thoughtful handling. Adults need to have a strong sense of their objectives and some idea of basic techniques to meet the situation.

This concise, practical book, written by a highly qualified and experienced practitioner, sets out to make sense of the vast literature on aggression and current strategies for coping and therapy. Drawing on recent research findings combined with his own experience, the author explains the various theories on aggression and the causes and manifestations of aggressive behaviour in children and adolescents in different situations at home or in school.

If positive and constructive measures are to be taken, the adult needs to understand the child’s point of view as well as his or her own. Only then will it be possible to decide on the best action to take, one that will not only deal with the aggression as it arises but will help the child towards a more positive interaction with the world around him and a long-term strengthening of his self-esteem.

The practical programmes presented here will make the book a valuable source of strength for parents and professionals, enabling them to help difficult children in the most appropriate and beneficial way.

Alan Train was for many years the headmaster of a school for children with emotional problems, learning difficulties or behavioural problems and currently works for a charity which supports parents under stress. He was shortlisted for the NASEN Prize for Helping The Aggressive Child, and has also written ADHD, Children Behaving Badly and The Bullying Problem.

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