Hearing Dog: The Story of Jenny and Connie

Angela Locke & Jenny Harmer
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Hearing Dog: The Story of Jenny and Connie, a collaboration between Jenny Harmer and Angela Locke, is the poignant story of a deaf child growing up in a silent and isolated world, and of her courage and determination in forging a life for herself amid prejudice and lack of understanding.

It is also the story of Hearing Dogs and their long and rigorous training, and especially of Connie, chosen to be Jenny’s devoted companion and friend.

Thanks to Connie, Jenny’s life changed; totally independent and confident in the hearing world, her fun-loving, energetic personality was really able to blossom.

Illustrated with a wealth of photographs, Hearing Dog will capture the hearts of all who are moved by the unique and enduring bond that can develop between dog and human, a bond that empowered Jenny to triumph over adversity and live a fulfilled life amid the breathtaking beauty of the Cumbrian fells.

Born deaf, Jenny Harmer spent her childhood in Cheshire before attending the residential Royal School for the Deaf in Manchester. She won a place at the Mary Hare Grammar School and went on to work as a research chemist with Allied Breweries, where she met her husband, Geoff. When, some years later, Geoff was made redundant, he set up as a pub-owner. For many years, they ran The Snooty Fox in Uldale, where Jenny campaigned tirelessly for Deaf Awareness and fund-raised for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. Jenny died in 2012.

Angela Locke is a writer, poet and Creative Writing tutor living in the Lake District. She founded the Juniper Trust, a registered charity working to foster health and education across the world, and is also the author of the internationally best-selling Search Dog, another Souvenir Press publication.

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