Gentle Dog Training

Michel Hasbrouck
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No hitting, no shouting. Understand your dog and be understood by him.

“Michel Hasbrouck has been training dogs for forty years and brings his wealth of experience and expertise to bear here… Gentle Dog Training should be of interest to experienced dog trainers and beginners alike… An excellent and comprehensive catalogue of dog training knowledge.”
‘Dog Training Weekly’

All you need to train a dog is clear authority, gentleness and to treat the dog as an intelligent being who is frequently rewarded and rarely punished.

Here is the tried and tested method, the fruit of 40 years experience with every breed of dog. A complete handbook for every dog owner, guiding your dog through a basic education and into a happy relationship with its owner.

Michael Hasbrouck has worked to this formula for decades, with thousands of dogs and he has proved that it is always possible to solve the dog-owner’s problems with the right attitude in an atmosphere that makes the dog feel comfortable. When an owner is with their dog, the dog is aware of every gesture, movement, even thought, as training signals. Owners need to watch their behaviour as much as their dogs.

Michel Hasbrouck is an internationally renowned dog-trainer, former contributing editor to Dog Sports Magazine and dog breeder (specialising in German Shepherds and Dachshunds). Visit his website at

“Some training methods work with some dogs, Michel Hasbrouck’s work with all dogs!… Michel Hasbrouck offers solutions to all the situations dog owners might have to deal with… (and) gives clear summaries of the various training methods before recommending an effective solution.”
‘The Four Shires’

“Michel Hasbrouck presents his formula for successful dog training.”
‘Your Dog’

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