Eye on the Ball, Mind on the Game

Dr Arthur Jackson
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A tried and tested programme for golfers of all levels, that will banish uncertainty, develop consistency and improve performance, ensuring that every round you play is an enjoyable experience.

At last, a golf book that will take strokes off your game without changing your swing. From his research into self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques Dr Jackson has developed a programme of mental training that enables you to take the uncertainty out of your performance. You can be confident that you will always play your best.

By following the techniques in this innovative and practical book you will acquire the key to success: the art of playing the game in your head. Learn how to:

– Control your mind
– Deal with anxiety and tension
– Approach your swing in a relaxed and confident frame of mind
– Improve your concentration
– Cope with distractions and unexpected challenges
– Develop a consistent rhythm.

The structured exercises are easy to follow, enjoyable to do and intended to provide long-term and persisting solutions. They will improve every aspect of your game and ensure that you can focus your mind when you most need to. You may not end up as the Tiger Woods of your local golf club, but you will certainly find yourself playing consistently to your best standard, and perhaps even better than you believed possible.

Dr Arthur Jackson has practised behavioural medicine in Sydney, specialising in stress-related illnesses and relaxation techniques. While writing and conducting research in this field he has worked with many international sports people. In addition to his clinical studies, he is a keen golfer and, when relaxed and ‘in the zone’, plays off a single-figure handicap.

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