Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens and Superstitions

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A spellbinding collection of more than 650 signs, omens and superstitions from around the world, by the master of the occult.

Do you avoid walking under ladders, touch wood to ward off bad luck, make a wish when you see the new moon? Belief in omens and superstitions affects every aspect of our lives, linking us with a distant past when natural phenomena and even inanimate objects had magical powers.

If you want to find out ways of encouraging good luck and avoiding misfortune, this is the book for you. Packed with traditional occult wisdom from all over the world, it reveals the secrets of hundreds of beliefs and customs that you can use and interpret to guide and protect you. Did you know that:

– It is bad luck to let a dog pass between you and the person you are about to marry?
– If you see a load of hay coming towards you, fortune will smile on you?
– If you sneeze before breakfast you will receive a present during the week?
– Bubbles floating on the surface of your cup of tea mean that you will come into money?

A mind of absorbing information, the Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens and Superstitions is entertaining, comprehensive and enlightening. Whether you are superstitious, cautious, or just plain curious, you will find it a bewitching venture into the world of the supernatural.

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