Earl Mindell’s New Vitamin Bible

Earl Mindell with Hester Mundis
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Completely revised and expanded, this book is the classic in its field. Everything you need to know about vitamins, natural therapies and supplements.

All the information you need to live healthier, better, longer and to give you new ways to boost your energy levels, fertility and sex life. The New Vitamin Bible will help you to personalise your diet so that it fits with your lifestyle, even your job.

It explains how to maximise the effectiveness of your vitamins and supplements by taking them in the right combinations. It also includes a complete guide to dangerous drug interactions and ‘miracle cures’. Discover the natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy, Viagra, Prozac. Keep your skin and body healthy, and look younger.

With new chapters that focus on women’s health, how to boost the immune system, weight control and cancer prevention, anti-aging vitamins and supplements.

Earl Mindell is one of the world’s leading nutrition experts and Professor of Nutrition at Pacific Western University, Los Angeles.

“The book has some great tips… as a reference guide to vitamins and minerals, you can’t go wrong.”
‘Health & Fitness’

“This already popular guide has been revised and contains new sections on homeopathy, HRT, Prozac and Valium alternatives.”
‘You Are What You Eat’

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