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Matthew Scully’s Dominion explores the many ways our society has turned away from animals and created a climate of cruelty and exploitation toward them, and the justifications mankind uses to maintain its dominion over animals. Matthew Scully believes that our treatment of animals is a measure of our humanity, and his exposure of the world of factory farming, as well as the eloquence of his writing and the penetration of his arguments, make Dominion the definitive work on the subject of animal rights.

A powerful and moving statement of the obligations we owe to animals, deeply humane, grounded in religious and scientific beliefs, Dominion is a masterpiece of investigative journalism and a catalyst for animal rights. Dominion is a life-changing work that is a call to arms for anyone who has anything to do with animals (and that includes eating them).

Matthew Scully is a former speechwriter to President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and John McCain, and is currently Sarah Palin’s speech writer. A former literary editor of National Review he has also written for The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal among other newspapers.

“Powerful and compelling reading… One of the most important books you will read in a long time. I defy anyone to not come away with a deeper understanding of our complex relationship with animals.”
Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive of Compassion in World Farming

“An eloquent polemic against human abuse of animals, culminating with a devastating description of factory farming.”
Peter Singer, The New York Review of Books

“A horrible, wonderful, important book… A beautiful book, rich with thought, and a balm to the scared, lonely animal in us all.”
Natalie Angier, The New York Review of Books

“Scully asks all the right questions… He does this in beautiful and witty prose.”
Christopher Hitchens, The Atlantic Monthly

“The most eloquent recent plea on behalf of animals.”
The New York Times Magazine

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