A Dog Is Listening

Roger A. Caras
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Dogs have lived with us for more than 15,000 years, and in that time have to come to know and understand us very well. But how much do we know about them?

Far less than we think, says Roger Caras in this fascinating exploration of the world from a dog’s eye view. Dogs live in a world beyond our perception, with acute senses that enable them to hear and smell not only far more keenly than we can, but in a different way. They have well-developed feelings too – from depression and understanding to humour and emotional detachment.

Drawing on his experience of his own and his friends’ dogs, Caras presents a captivating mix of biology, psychology and personal anecdote, explaining how dogs catch Frisbees, why they love to be scratched, and why dog food tastes good to them. Along the way we meet Zack, a yellow Labrador so good-natured that he wags his tail in his sleep; Olaf, a Newfoundland who is scared of thunderstorms and drools when he is under stress; Chloe Sweetpea, a three-legged puppy with no manners; and Sheba, who has the uncanny ability to monitor her owner’s epileptic seizures.

Anyone who has known the joy and companionship of a dog will treasure this warm, knowledgeable and penetrating book.

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