Classic Irish Short Stories

Edited by Vivian Mercier
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“To be great,” Vivian Mercier says, “A short story has to echo in the reader’s mind long after he has closed the book.” In this selection he has created a book that is indeed truly memorable.

From time immemorial the Irish have had a genius fir story-telling and this inimitable collection, drawn from both ancient literature and folklore and from modern writers from the eighteenth century to the present day, includes some of the best of them, chosen by one of the twentieth century’s leading authorities on his country’s heritage.

Unlike many of the short story writers in other parts of the world, modern Irish writers have never lost their awareness of their audience, a sense of dramatic rapport between writer and reader which they inherited from early oral traditions. The typical Irish short story is therefore above all a story, with a strong emphasis on dialogue, and its spontaneity makes the reading of it a sheer delight.

A galaxy of great Irish writers is presented here – from J.M. Synge and W.B. Yeats to James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and James Plunkett. The first story, written about AD 700, is a tale of Saint Patrick; the last, by Brian Friel, is a powerful evocation of Irish pride and sense of tradition in post-war society. In between the reader is carried through time and place, revelling in the rich flavour of Irish life throughout the ages. Each writer is introduced with a short note about his or her life and career, providing a history in miniature of the development of Irish literature, while an overall introduction sets the tradition of Irish story-telling in context and discusses the editor’s choice of stories.

Includes stories by:

  • J.M. Synge
  • George Moore
  • W.B. Yeats
  • Daniel Corkery
  • Seumas O’Kelly
  • Padraic O Connaire
  • James Stephens
  • James Joyce
  • Liam O’Flaherty
  • Sean O’Faolain
  • Samuel Beckett
  • Mary Levin
  • James Plunkett
  • Brian Friel

…and sixteen more stories by another fifteen writers.

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