Children Behaving Badly

Alan Train
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Could My Child Have a Disorder?

“A very useful resource… Highly recommended”
‘Association of Christian Teachers’

“Another in the long-running excellent Human Horizons series”
‘Advisory Centre for Education’

Practical information and advice for parents, carers and professionals, published as part of the Human Horizons series.

When a child persistently behaves badly, his parents or teachers tend to assume that they are at fault. Yet statistics show that one in every five children is suffering from a recognised disorder which can adversely affect their behaviour. Regrettably, only one in ten of these children receives and help or treatment for their disorder.

This practical and informative book has been written for those parents and professionals who are unsure whether a child needs specialist attention. The author takes them through the kind of questions they might ask, describes the disorders in accessible terms, and outlines the approaches that may be adopted in the home, at school, and by specialists themselves, to best help the child.

Although there is much overlap between disorders and few clear-cut ‘conditions’, simply being able to come close to finding a label to describe your child’s behaviour may bring a sense of relief. If the disorder is known, then at the very least your sense of guilt will disappear and you will adopt a more objective approach.

With its comprehensive array of practical suggestions for both parents and teachers, and an appendix giving the full diagnostic criteria of the American Psychiatric Association, this book will be of invaluable assistance to those who are deeply concerned about their child, but uncertain whether he or she may need specialist help.

Alan Train was for many years the headmaster of a school for children with emotional problems, learning difficulties or behavioural problems and currently works for a charity which supports parents under stress. He was shortlisted for the NASEN Prize for Helping The Aggressive Child, and has also written ADHD, Children Behaving Badly and The Bullying Problem.

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