A Cellarful of Noise

Brian Epstein
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This is Brian Epstein’s own account of his extraordinary life and, inevitably, the story of the Beatles, the greatest pop group of the twentieth-century.

What was the secret of Brian Epstein’s management of the Beatles, how did he guide a group from Liverpool to shake the world of popular music? Within two years of making their first record, they were the biggest group in the world, and now, Brian Epstein explains how he achieved this in A Cellarful of Noise.

He frankly acknowledges his mistakes and weaknesses while identifying those factors that led to his achievements. Also included in the book are 33 photographs from Robert Freeman that provide revealing glimpses of the Beatles on their way to phenomenal success.

“A superb insight into the life of a tragic and much missed giant of the music industry.”
Amazon Reviewer

“Must-have pop collector memorabilia.”
Amazon Reviewer

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