Blue Movie

Terry Southern
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“Terry Southern is the most profoundly witty writer of our generation.”
Gore Vidal

In Blue Movie, King B. is the Oscar winning director who has filmed everything, Sid Krassman is the producer who has never underestimated the lowest tastes of the American public and Angela Sterling is the sex symbol who wants to do something ‘serious’. Together they are determined to film the dirtiest and most expensive pornographic movie ever.

Monstrous egos battle enormous libidos, the Vatican send in their flying God squad and production is moved to Liechtenstein.

Fuelled by drugs, monstrous egos and rampant libidos, Blue Movie is hilarious, wildly erotic and a biting satire on Hollywood; Terry Southern’s revenge against the madness of Hollywood which he had already endured for a decade.

Terry Southern was one of the most famous writers of the 1960’s, as a screenwriter (of ‘Easy Rider’ and ‘Barbarella’ among others) as well as a novelist and counterculture legend. He died in 1995.

“An authentic artist, a true original.”

“The best Hollywood novel.”
Pauline Kael

“Terry Southern writes a mean, coolly deliberate, and murderous prose.”
Norman Mailer

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