An Affair Of the Heart

Dilys Powell
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An Affair of the Heart is that rare gem in travel writing, an unforgettable evocation of a country and its people based on intimate knowledge and lasting affection. Hailed as a classic when it was first published more than fifty years ago, it has stood the test of time and is still regarded as one of the most outstanding books on Greece ever written. Dilys Powell, remembered, as the leading film critic of her day, spent many years is Greece before the Second World War, when her husband was Director of the British School of Archaeology in Athens. After his tragic early death she came back to Britain and it was only in 1945 that she was able to return to Greece.

She set out to renew her love affair with the places and people she had known. She found them changed and was at first disillusioned. But as she returned again and again she came to understand that although Greece, like an absent lover, had grown and moved on, its spirit was immortal, still the country of her heart. In this personal odyssey Dilys Powell not only gives a deeply moving account of her journeys, but draws us in to share her joy in a timeless land and its gallant, indestructible people.

“Offers the best picture I know of Greece… beautiful and touching.”
Sunday Times

“Of permanent and universal value… a work which, in its genre and at its scale, comes within sight of perfection.”
New Statesman

“In its quiet way An Affair of the Heart remains a beguiling book which evokes the spirit of Greece with depth and sensitivity.”
Times Literary Supplement

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