Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis

Erich Fromm, D.T. Suzuki and Richard De Martino

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How the wisdom of East and West can unite to bring meaning to our lives.

The key book in our quest for understanding of ourselves and our lives.

What differences are there in Eastern and Western thought regarding the nature of the human mind and our role in the cosmos? How can Zen and psychoanalysis help us in our struggle to realise our full potential as human beings and members of society?

Erich Fromm’s seminal work among contemporary efforts to resolve our spiritual crisis results here in the great achievement of a language to reveal the contributions of Zen and psychoanalysis to our ‘struggle to be fully born’. He shows how both can teach us in their different ways to live our lives rather than be ‘lived by them’.

D.T. Suzuki explains with profound and gentle wisdom how Western materialism and intellectualism contrast with the Eastern concept of acceptance as the basis of well-being for the ‘whole man’. His illuminating discussion of the unconscious and the self shed fresh light on our understanding of our own nature.

Combined with Richard De Martino’s clear account of the psychology of Zen, these writings make up a work of brilliance and value that has much to help us in our quest for understanding.

“A fascinating study of the relationship between the two (Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis) and it is clear that both systems are similar in that they deal with the nature of man and with a practice leading to his transformation.”
‘The Middle Way’

“A remarkable and deeply interesting book.”
‘Darlington Evening Despatch’

“Dr Fromm’s essay, together with the late Dr Suzuki’s succinct exposition of Zen, illuminates with blazing clarity the simple difficult road to a sane society.”
‘South Wales Argus’

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