Without A Trace

Charles Berlitz

Product Description

Prior to Without A Trace, Charles Berlitz’s first book, The Bermuda Triangle, unleashed a storm of international controversy on its publication in 1975.

To this day, it remains true that for over half a century, ships and planes have been disappearing without trace in this extraordinary stretch of water between Florida, the Sargasso Sea and Bermuda.

A sequel to The Bermuda Triangle, Without A Trace examines the evidence surrounding the series of baffling incidents that have taken place in the Devil’s Triangle, and proposes theories and explanations for them. Featuring personal stories of unusual experiences in the area from survivors, reports by officials on duty with the Navy, Air Force or commercial airlines, who had previously been warned not to discuss the incidents they had witnessed, and suggested explanations for disappearances that are happening even now!

Charles Berlitz was one of the world’s great linguists, speaking 32 languages, and won the Dag Hammarskjold International Prize for The Bermuda Triangle.

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