Widow’s Journey

Xenia Rose
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Coming through the grief and pain of losing a loved partner is the hardest and most stressful experience any of us can face. Only those who have been through it can understand just what it means.

From her personal experience, Xenia Rose has written this honest, sympathetic book which will help all widowed people come to terms with their feelings, and face life with renewed hope. Devoid of self-pity, her practical, open acknowledgement of the social and emotional problems she encountered will strike chords in those who are trying to find the strength to go on.

A psychotherapist who was married for twenty years to the world-famous cellist, Leonard Rose, Xenia found that nothing in her training had prepared her for the ordeal she had to face when he became terminally ill with cancer – the barrier of silence that grew up between them in his last days; the feelings of guilt, anger, fear and indecision that assaulted her after his death; most of all, the sense of isolation and loss of confidence in her own identity.

Through many painful months, she learned to come to terms with her grief. In Widow’s Journey: A Return to Living, she discusses, with rare frankness, the feelings and experiences that many widows encounter but which they tend to keep to themselves. Her refreshing candour will make her readers aware that they are not alone, and her wise counsel will enable them to rediscover themselves as individuals with lives still to be enjoyed.

Xenia Rose was the adminstrative director of psychiatric services at the Westchester Health Maintenance Organisation before becoming director of outpatient services at Four Winds Hospital in Katonah, New York and working full-time in private practice from 1979 onwards. She died in 2002.

“A warm, comforting and inspiring book that every woman should read.”

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