Why Does My Rabbit…?

Annie McBride
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Rabbits are now the third most popular pet in Britain but few owners understand their behavioural problems. Many of the problems that rabbits demonstrate can be avoided if their living conditions are adapted to follow their natural instincts and Anne McBride explains how to do this. She describes how rabbits live and breed in the wild, and the instincts your pet rabbit has inherited, which make it act as it does. With a range of problems, arranged alphabetically for easy-to-use accessibility, this book covers all types of rabbits, from hutch to house rabbits and fully covers the specific problems that can affect them.

Dr Anne McBride lectures at the University of Southampton and is a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors. She was the rabbit behaviour expert on the BBC’s The Burrowers: Animals Underground television programme in 2013.

“An expert on rabbit behaviour”
‘Daily Telegraph’

“A comprehensive and practical book for rabbit owners that answers all the questions you’ve ever had about rabbits… will leave no questions unanswered and will help to make the relationship between you and your rabbit better than ever before.”
‘Wild About Animals’

“A practical, authoritative study… and it will appeal not only to pet and houserabbit owners but any fancier who wishes to gain a better understanding of this unique and universally lovable animal.”
‘Fur and Feather’

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