Where the Ghosts Walk

Peter Underwood
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Britain is the most haunted country in the world, with a wealth of places that feed the imagination. From Cape Head in the north of Scotland, to Beachy Head in the south of England, it is a land of ghosts and phantoms.

Whether it’s Napoleon searching for somewhere to land his invasion at Lulworth Cove, the unknown Grey Lady who is seen along the Worcester to Birmingham canal, or Roman soldiers seen near Lichfield Cathedral, the inexplicable is everywhere.

In Where The Ghosts Walk, Peter Underwood, the world’s leading expert on paranormal phenomena, provides a definitive guide to Britain’s haunted places.

Fully illustrated with Peter Underwood’s own photographs and arranged by the various environments where ghosts appear (airfields, ancient sites, ruins, bridges, battlefields, graveyards, gardens, railways, seascapes, highways and woods), Where the Ghosts Walk  is the first gazetteer to detail Britain’s ghosts by their location. From the ghosts of Jacobite soldiers in Gallows Tree Lane and the ghost of King Arthur, which has been seen in Tintagel, to the phantom Spitfire of Biggin Hill airfield, and Jack the Ripper’s victims in Whitechapel, Peter Underwood is your indispensable guide.

Peter Underwood was the Life President of the Ghost Club Society and President of the Society for Psychical Studies. His interest in the paranormal began as a child, aged 9, when he saw an apparition of his father who had died earlier that day. Among the many famous hauntings that he investigated was the Borley Rectory, which has been described as the most haunted house in Britain.

“The handbook and must-read for every seasoned and every would-be paranormal investigator… Excellent work Mr Underwood.”
‘Ghost Investigators’

“Britain’s number one ghost hunter… A monumental volume, destined to become one of the very best in the landscape of paranormal literature.”
‘Cornish Guardian’

“His definitive guide to the haunted places of Britain.”
‘Western Daily Press’

“One of the world’s longest serving paranormal researchers… This is the book that anyone with an interest in ghosts needs to read.”
Hayley is a Ghost

“In his ongoing search for the truth about ghosts… Peter Underwood has put together the ultimate book on where to go… The definitive handbook for the amateur ghost hunter.”

“It’s a fantastic read and I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for new sites to visit or looking to expand on their knowledge of a location.”
Essex Ghost Hunters

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