When Someone You Love Has Alzheimer’s

Earl A. Grollman and Dr Kenneth S. Kosick
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The Caregiver’s Journey

A compassionate guide offering comfort, hope and practical help to all those who know the heartache of caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease affects about 10% of people over 65. Most of them are cared for at home by partners, sons or daughters, who have the devastating experience of seeing a loved one gradually turn into a complete stranger. It is a process of grief and bereavement that can last for years.

This warm, sympathetic book offers the combined wisdom of an internationally respected grief counsellor and a practising neurologist. It provides factual answers to the vital questions people ask about Alzheimer’s – what really happens to people with the disease? Can it be inherited? How long does it last? How can it be treated? – and includes a practical section of sources of help and informative book that may ease the burden of caring.

But it also addresses the more profound problems that carers hesitate to discuss: the feelings of shock, anger and guilt; the fear of entertaining or going out in case the loved one behaves strangely; the anguish over what to tell the children; the loneliness and despair; the need to balance the patient’s needs with the carer’s own. With compassion and understanding it guides the reader to ways of coping and to the realisation that there are others willing to help.

There are no easy solutions for carers, but the information and support in this book will help them face each new challenge with courage and renewed strength.

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