Wheat-Free Cooking

Rita Greer
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A wheat allergy is thought to be the most common form of food allergy, how can you eliminate it from your diet and discover a new feeling of health and well-being?

Wheat is not only the basis for bread, biscuits, cakes, breakfast cereals and pastries but it is also a hidden ingredient in everything from gravies to burgers and sausages. Wheat allergies can produce symptoms such as rashes, itchy eyes, sneezing and hayfever to nausea and digestive problems (while illnesses such as asthma and migraines have been found to be linked to the allergy).

You may need to eliminate wheat from your diet but how to do that easily, cheaply and enjoyably without limiting a healthy diet?

Rita Greer, one of Britain’s leading health writers, cooked for her husband who was on a wheat-free diet for over thirty years, developing recipes and menus for every occasion. Now revised and updated to include developments such as the ‘free-from’ ranges available from many supermarkets and the increased availability of wheat-free foods Wheat-Free Cooking is an essential guide that could change your life.

Based on decades of practical experience, this reassuring and imaginative book uses common sense and exciting ideas to produce recipes for every meal of the day, all guaranteed to be free of wheat including bread, cakes and pastries. As well as identifying what foods may contain hidden wheat and ensuring that your diet is nutritionally balanced Wheat-Free Cooking provides menus for everything from everyday food to dinner parties – even a recipe for a traditional Christmas cake. It makes a wheat-free diet easy, accessible and, above all, healthy. These are recipes that can be enjoyed by members of the family and envied by everyone.

Rita Greer has been a full-time writer since 1970 (specialising in writing for people on special diets), and has written over thirty books. In 2010 she was awarded an honorary MA by the Open University for ‘her notable contribution to education and culture’. She is also the author of Rita Greer’s Vegetarian Cookbook, Simply Gluten Free, Oat Cuisine and Soft Options.

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